• Steph Hadley

Projects Update

Two novels in the works right now. That's it at the moment, though I'm outlining a new 3-5 volume series of shorts that I'll be working on throughout August and September for variety.

(Novel) Feral Empires: First Spark

Stage: Final Proofreading

Estimated Publication Date: Mid-to-late September

Working with the soon-to-be-announced artist and finalizing details of the cover art. Audiobook narrator has finished a sample chapter for me, but the whole thing probably won't be released for a month or two after the novel is published. Advance readers should receive their copies around Sept. 1.

(Novel) Lord of Flesh

Stage: First Draft (approx. 50%)

Estimated Publication Date: January 2019

Still writing the first draft of this one. It's coming along nicely, though I suspect it'll need more revision than Feral Empires. It's currently sitting at about 30k words, but I suspect the final draft will end up around 75k. Yes, I realize that makes me bad at math.

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