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Looks like I'm back to posting twice per year. Oh well.

There's news! I just released a steamy piece of alien-on-human sci-fi. Getting back to my roots here. Xeno Lovers: The Alien Salamander is nothing but a down-and-dirty romp with all the good stuff: non-human POV, feral alpha-males, and rough, penetrating... encounters. If that sounds like your cup of tea, I guarantee you'll enjoy it.

In other news, Conqueror of Isles 3: Usurper will be published around the end of July! It's currently with the editor, cover art has been commissioned, and I'll be sending out the Advance Reader copies in about two weeks. Feel free to email me if you'd like to be added to the list! (

Usurper is the final volume in the Conqueror of Isles trilogy and concludes Elias Ansiri's rise to power, as well as sets the stage for the Master of Monsters series. Though I don't plan to continue Elias' story directly, it does tie in quite nicely with Leo VanOrden's adventures (if I do say so myself) and foreshadows some novels I'll be working on in the near future. Plus, I think it's a pretty good swashbuckler on its own!

If you'd like to check it out:

Conqueror of Isles 3: Usurper (Coming July/August 2021)

As for the future, I'll be working on both a sequel series to Master of Monsters and Book 2 of Beastkin Acquisitions. I'll probably start with the latter, given the sheer number of people who've requested it, but after that? Who knows? Let me know what you'd like to read and I'll make it happen!

And, as always, thank you so much for your support!


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Two blog posts in as many months? You know that means there's big news!

First things first: The Master of Monsters Omnibus will be released in just over a week. And as usual, I'm making a handful of free copies available in advance of publication. Get yours here! (Don't procrastinate; they're half-gone as of this post.) For fans of the series, this is your chance to get all four novels in one convenient place. And for newcomers, well... same. Reviews are voluntary, of course, but incredibly helpful and greatly appreciated!

And, for those of you who might've missed it, there have been a number of other big releases in the Ansiri-verse over the past month. The first prequel novel, Conqueror of Isles: Ambassador is out, as are audiobook versions of the entire Master of Monsters series. You'll find each of them here:

I'm hard at work on a number of projects as well. Renegade (Conqueror of Isles #2) is approximately 20% complete and I've got a few other shorts in progress for my S.L. Hadley pen name.

As always, thank you so much for your support. I couldn't do this without you!


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Remember when I said that I'd be updating this more frequently? Yeah, chock that up to another plan that 2020 spoiled. Fortunately, this year's craziness hasn't kept me from writing.

So... the news.

First and foremost, the newest novel in the Ansiri-verse will be released in just over two weeks. Advance Reader Copies have been sent out. (If you're interested in reviewing the book and aren't currently subscribed, feel free to email me at steph@slhadley.)

Conqueror of Isles: Ambassador is a standalone prequel to the Master of Monsters series. And, for those of you who are interested:

Humanity’s grasp on the Isles is tenuous at best. Its governors and generals fight for control of scattered domains, elven warlords harass the unprotected frontiers, and far deadlier threats prowl the unexplored edges of the map.

Elias Ansiri wants nothing to do with any of it. But, in a desperate bid to salvage his reputation, he agrees to a position as ambassador to the distant elven capital. His official job is to prevent a war. Unfortunately, with warmongers and ambitious nobles on both sides, his plans might be foiled before he’s even begun.

Speaking of Master of Monsters, preorders for the audiobook versions are now available! The final duology will be released on 11/17. And, since I forgot to mention it on here earlier... yes! All four books are available in through Audible in two-book bundles! Check them out here:

There's plenty of other exciting news on the horizon. A Master of Monsters Omnibus is in the works. Several new erotic short stories are pending under my S.L. Hadley pen name. And, yes, I am still working on the sequel to Beastkin Acquisitions.

Stay tuned for more!


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